Prize Time

Well here we are, day 127825 of the BS, almost at the end of January and still in lockdown. SOOOOO…. I wanted to create something that would give one lucky person something to look forward to:

Alright you lovely lot….

I’m doing a raffle for one lucky person to win 10 x 45 minute sessions of sports/deep tissue massage that can be used over a period of up to 12 months (a massage a month is perfect, or you can double them up for 1.5 hour treatments 🥰).

Tickets are £10 each, numbers 1-40.

My prices will be increasing shortly due to upskilling to level 4 – why not try your luck now to secure yourself 10 sessions for just £10!?

Pop over and like my Facebook Page for full details and to get your number(s). Payment will be requested once all numbers have been filled.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mega-raffle-hm.jpg

Published by Holly

I’m Holly, a fitness instructor, personal trainer, massage therapist, assessor, tutor, and pre and post natal exercise specialist. Born and raised in rural Northumberland I am passionate about the outdoors, health, fitness, and general wellness. I believe it is important to look after body through exercise and nutrition, and finding “me-time” to look after your own physical and emotional well-being. Along side providing health and fitness advice, I also offer coaching and lifestyle advice; helping clients work through their stresses and reducing daily pressures through coping mechanisms which are easy to access and perform. As I come to add content to this blog, you will get to know me through everything from the food I eat, the exercise I do (and don’t do), the books I read, how I like to spend my free time (yes, free time!), and probably a lot more along the way. I’ll be sharing more information shortly but for now, I wish you a very enjoyable day!

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