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I am mega passionate about Personal Training in the gym environment and that will never change however, the world is changing and gym training limits the number of people I can help. Online Personal Training removes many barriers and allows me to work with people all over the world!

I specialise in working with women who want to improve their health and fitness whilst changing their body composition – losing fat and getting that “toned” look. As well as my qualifications in fitness instruction and personal training I am also qualified in pre and post natal exercise meaning I can work with women throughout their pregnancy and following the delivery of their precious little bundle – if you want to follow my journey as it unfolds (hopefully towards the end of this month) check out my dedicated story page (coming soon).

Maybe you love the idea of one-to-one personal training but can’t fit in with the trainer’s schedule – with online training you can complete your workouts when and where you please.

Perhaps it’s the cost of face-to-face personal training that has been putting you off – online training packages are available for a fraction of what you would pay face-to-face with the same level of expertise and the added bonus of having access to your training program 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With a variety of plans to chose from you will find something that suits you and that works with your lifestyle. Check them out below:

Weight Loss Online

Access to the HM Health & Well-being Weight Loss Community;

Learn how to make small, manageable changes that add up to weight loss and improved health. Forget other weight loss groups with weekly weigh ins – really learn how to lose weight, no BS.


Do It Yourself

Workout Programme

Calorie and Macro Guidance

Access to HM Health & Well-being DIY Members Group



Workout Programme

Calorie and Macro Guidance

Recipe Book

7 Days Email / Message Support


Lifestyle Plus

Workout Programme

Calorie and Macro Guidance

Recipe Book

Fortnightly Email / Message Support

Video Technique Analysis


90 Day Action

One-off structured 90 day programme specific to your goal

Customised nutrition plan

Training guide

7 Days Email / Message Support


Interested? We’d love to hear for you – simply complete the contact form below – select the package that you would like and tell us about your goals, current health, lifestyle and training history. Once we receive all your details and you’ve purchased your package, we’ll send you an email confirmation welcoming you to the programme.

We aim to get back to you within 2-3 days of receiving your information. At present, January 2020, I am due my second baby at the end of the month – please excuse any delay in response rate over the next month or two.


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