There’s many things that have helped me help clients over the years, so I thought why not share these things with you? They may just help you too…

The Women’s/Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises


A great book which details a wide range of exercises along with their regressions (easier versions) and progressions (more difficult versions). Step-by-step how to, written instructions for each with clear images, as well as ready made workouts.

Absolutely NOT just for the stereotypical body-builder. have a vast video library of exercises explaining step-by-step correct form to get the most from your workout and prevent injuries. Other top content on their site:

Workout library – Full workouts broken down by day with easy click on links to watch the video demonstrations mentioned above. Search by goal, gender, etc.

Calorie and macro calculator – how much should you be eating and what. There are also great diet plans to accompany the workouts.


Body part exercise library (image above) – stuck in a rut of the same old set of exercises? Simply click on the body part you’re looking for inspiration for and scroll away.

Headspace App


So this one might not be for everyone but the free trial could be worth a go. Headspace is an app for guided meditation and mindfulness; great to clear out a busy mind and slow down the pace for 10 minutes at a time.