Through these difficult days I am trying to keep going, remain positive and up my productivity. Here are a few things I am doing with my time:

Fitness Training / Weight Loss Programmes

I will be providing personalised training programmes via email, complete with email, whatsapp &, if needed, zoom support. Programmes can be tailored to your needs – dietary advice only, training program only, or a mixture of both. Drop me a message if you’re interested in getting started!

Spot. & Panda

Spot. & Panda is my crafting side-line. I make a variety of items from pebble frames to offensive greetings cards. Items are made to order, pebble and scrabble tile frame are bespoke to the customer.

Check out my Facebook Page for more.

FM World

FM are an established company that has been around for 16 years with stores all over the world selling over 1000 products from fragrances to makeup, reed diffusers, candles and more!

Our most popular products are the fragrances.

They are made in the same DROM factory in Germany where the designer brands are manufactured but sell without the designer name, celebrity advertisement and expensive packaging which is why they are so cheap; £16.90 – £26.50 max. We are not fakes or copies!

If you would like a fragrance list of copy of the full catalogue drop me a message via the contact page.

There are job opportunities for those of you who wish to get involved:

To join my team all I need is your Name, DOB, Phone number, and Email address, and I sign you up completely FREE – you then have access to ALL of our discounted products! I will send you information & fragrance lists and invite you to the training page where there is step by step videos showing you exactly what to do!

As a distributor you make £4 on the £16.90 pure bottles, £5 on the £20.90 intense bottles, and £8 on the £26.50 royal bottles. You buy at cost price, sell at retail & keep the difference, easy! On each item you sell you also receive points. These points add up and turn into commission each month (and bonuses) – where you can make the big money.

It costs nothing to start, nothing to leave, there are no minimum orders, full support is provided via various platforms and there is zero risk.


Drop me a message via the contact page or via WhatsApp to 07771 522312.

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