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To help my clients who live busy lifestyles and can’t always make one-to-one sessions, I have written a number of plans to help you achieve your goals. These plans are complete with dietary and workout advice as well as other valuable information depending on the programme you go for.

The first of these which I am now happy to release, is the 6 Week Rapid Weight Loss programme. Designed for those of you wanting to shift that first 10-20lbs. Think of this as a kick start on the journey to your ideal weight and fitness goals. It is a full diet and workout plan – no thought needed, just follow the steps and off you go.

You will however require some will power and determination. I’m not saying this is an easy programme by any means, it will provide challenges but, if you are will to put the work in, you should find some excellent result.

At this stage, and as this is my very first programme to go out there on sale, it is designed for those who follow a regular diet which includes meat and dairy etc. I will be looking to adapt this in the future to accommodate various dietary requirements.

The programme spans 6 weeks with 3 days of structured exercise, some exercises may require the purchase of some basic (non-expensive) equipment such as resistance bands or small weights. Some low intensity cardio is required and there is a rest day in there too.

The 6 Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan costs £89.

Purchase today by contacting me here:

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