What to expect in your first massage treatment.

Contemplating a sports or deep tissue massage? Been filled with horror stories from friends or colleagues about how painful it will be?

What should you really expect? Let me tell you about your first treatment at HM Health and Well-being.

My clinic is based in Oasis Health Club in Ashington, if you’re travelling by car you’ll find a large, free car park to the rear of the building or, if you fancy, pop your car in for a mini valet with the lads in the Nisa car park – they do a cracking job!

The gym building is light green in colour and has a hairdressers attached to the end of it.

As you enter the gym you’ll be greeted by one of the gym reception staff, a lovely bunch of girls who will offer you a seat to relax in if I am busy when you arrive.

I will meet you for you appointment and take you up to my room which is located on the first floor. Once comfortable in clinic you will be asked to complete a client consultation form including any medical issues, medications or concerns (you may have completed this prior to arrival). We will then discuss your form and your reason for attending the clinic to assess the best method of treatment for you.

During the consultation I also ask if you have had sports or deep tissue work previously and how you found it. If not I explain the following: Sports Massage and deep tissue massage can generally feel quite uncomfortable. Discomfort which is bearable is fine during treatment however, if you feel at any time the treatment is too much for you please just let me know. Any feeling of real pain (beyond bearable diacomfort) can be counter-productive to goals of the treatment.

All clients are also informed that treatment may leave them feeling a little tender to the touch for the following 48 hours or so.

The idea that a massage has to be horrendously painful in order to be beneficial is a myth. Generally speaking, a massage (sports or deep tissue) should cause you no more pain than you are experiencing from your presenting symptoms. You can poo-poo all those telling you it will be hellish!

Once we have discussed needs and treatment I will explain how I would like you to be positioned (this may change through the session) and them leave the room for a couple of minutes allowing you the privacy to change/undress. I provide towels etc for you to remain covered up and never leave a client feeling exposed. Should you wish to bring shorts or similar along with you that’s fine, if you’re happy in underwear that’s cool too. In addition to this – I have no judgement on anyone, shape, size, race, sex, whether you have shaved your legs, only done a half leg tan, whatever. I don’t mind. I am not interested in your appearance, I am only interested in helping alleviate your symptoms and having you in as relaxed a state as possible.

I tend to use oils and/or waxed during treatment which will be applied initially with a light pressure, warming the superficial layers of muscle and allowing me to get a feel for where I need to focus my attentions. As the massage progresses, the pressure will become more firm as and where necessary. This will be explained to you as I work as well as asking how it feels.

Please don’t be afraid to say if you feel the pressure is to heavy at any point, I would rather know to be able to provide you with the best service I can than have you leaving feeling you have been savaged. That’s not what I an here for.

If you would like to chat during the treatment that’s great, I love to get to know my clients. Equally, if you chose to be silent I respect that this is time you have taken out for yourself and only ask questions as I need to in order for me to decide course of action.

On completion of treatment I recover the area I have been working on with a towel, removing any excess product. I then step out of the room allowing you time to get yourself up and dressed again, letting you know to open the door once you are ready.

I then check to see how you are feeling – you may feel a little light headed or “spaced” which is a normal response to treatment and will pass fairly quickly. You can also expect to feel quite sleepy following treatment. Again, this is very common and just the natural response of the body.

I provide aftercare advice at this point, reaffirming the tenderness you may feel, any stretching or strengthening exercises I feel would be beneficial and I also advise to avoid any heavy exercise for the 24 hours following treatment. This is purely due to there being a slight increase in injury during these activities immediately after.

There is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions. Don’t be shy, if there’s something you would like to know I am fairly sure it has been asked before. I also give you the details you need should you wish to contact me following treatment should you have any concerns.

Everything spoken about during your appointment, and associated to it, is entirely confidential.

Payment is taken following treatment via cash or card (gift voucher etc).

If you would like to make another appointment straight away we ca get you booked in, or if you would like to see how you recover from the session then that’s fine too.

I hope this covers any concerns or queries you may have about coming in for your first treatment. I promise to make you feel as comfortable as possible; a relaxed and informed client is my main aim.

Any questions you may have please drop me a text or email – 07771522312 or hm-health@outlook.com.

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