January – Day 22/31

So you had a rough day, you picked up a quick lunch without really considering what you were getting because you were rushed for time and in a bit of a stinking fettle. It’s now mid afternoon and you feel tired, lethargic, a bit sick and bloated.

You have two options:

  1. Write off the entire day and eat shite til it’s time to close your eyes, massively overshooting your calorie goal while getting zero nutrition… OR
  2. STOP! Know what happened, know why you feel the way you do and make some better choices from here out – drink water, eat veg, get some quality protein in.

Do not qualify your day as a write-off because you made a couple of not-so-great decisions.

Dust off, take a breath, regroup and get your head back in the game.

We all have little wobbles from time to time but it’s more about how we respond to the wobble rather than the wobble itself.

Merry Christmas!

To All of My Wonderful Clients,

Thank you for your custom and support over the last year, without you I wouldn’t be able to work in a job I love and can work around my family. I appreciate every single one of you and that you have chosen me as your therapist.

As I do each year, it is time for my Christmas break with my family. From today, Friday 20th December I will be enjoying some well earned down time with Dan and Isla, making lovely memories over the first Christmas that Isla is fully aware of.

This year, today also marks the end of my massage treatments for the time being – After a couple of visits with the physiotherapist she has advised that my massage treatments take a back seat over the remainder of my pregnancy. Yesterday hit the 34 week mark and I am definitely beginning to feel it more and more each day. I may open a few days in the New Year for my lighter beauty treatments – nails etc, and I have a couple of prepaid Personal Training clients I will be continuing with to complete their bookings before fully finishing for maternity leave; although this will depend on our last scan we have at the beginning of January.

I will update on here and share via the HM Health & Well-being Facebook page updates on the pregnancy, arrival of baby and dates for returning to work as I know what they are.

Thank you again for all of your understanding, patience, flexibility, ongoing support and just general lushness that each and every one of you exude. You really make my work what it is and I love it!


Lots of love and best wishes, Holly xxx


Upcoming Clinic Hours & 2020 Online Coaching


The month is filling out nicely and I only have another week at work before breaking up for Christmas! There is still availability for all treatments Monday-Thursday next week (16th-19th December) as I have additional opening hours as follows:

Monday – 9am-4pm

Tuesday – 1pm-7.30pm

Wednesday – 12pm-7.30pm

Thursday – 9.30am – 8pm

Many of the time slots have been booked so please see the online booking system for full availability and to book in your massage or beauty treatments asap (please email or message me for eye lash extensions, 48 hour patch test required).


JANUARY 2020 – Opening hours prior to maternity leave:

All being well after the Christmas break and a couple of check-ups, I will be looking to open for the following hours in January:

Monday 6th & 13th – 9am-4pm

Thursday 9th & 16th – 9am-4pm

Saturday 11th & 18th – 9am-3pm

Sunday 12th & 19th – 9am-12pm

Sports and Deep Tissue Massages will be limited to 30 minutes in length. Carrying all this extra weight and having my centre of gravity shifted means I am having to ensure I am looking after my body and baby. I hope you understand that due to the nature of the heavier massage treatments this is why I have chosen to shorten the duration for my final two weeks.

I will be opening the bookings online on 20th December for the New Year with every intention of continuing to work up to and including Sunday 19th January. Should anything change with my ability to come to work I will contact anyone who has booked in at the earliest possible notice to change/cancel appointments.



Last year some of you may remember that I put together a group to educate on weight loss and eating. It was all about you, you being able to track your food and exercise, recognise bad habits, and start to make changes to your lifestyle to improve your health. I am going to be doing the same this year:

Launching on 1st January 2020 I will be opening my HM Health & Well-being Memebers Group. Run mainly through a private Facebook Group attached to my business page it will be a paid for membership which will educate, encourage and support you on a journey to weight loss, improved fitness, improved mood, and better habits as well as a multitude of other benefits.

The group will be a community in which everyone can come together to support each other through the journey and help each other along the way. Share if you want or just sit back and take in all of the information being discussed.

The membership is not designed to be a “quick fix” to weight loss or an easy route to dropping a few pounds. It is designed to give you the education that is lacking from other weight loss and “diet” groups. I mean, how much are you really learning about what you are eating from Slimming World or Weight Watchers? Nothing! Syns and points aren’t real! Calories are and they don’t lie.

So, if you’re interested in joining a group of like minded people to start building new habits and a better relationship with food. If you’re ready to be accountable for your actions and take responsibility for what you eat, drink and do. Then you’re ready to join me on the road to a healthy, balanced life-style where you can still enjoy the foods you like, never experience the “Fear Of Missing Out”, and really start to feel in control again.

The online members group will be at a cost of just £10 for your first month. If you would like to continue in the group following on from this point it will be at a charge of £6 per month, or £60 per year. You will be provided with information on nutrition, exercise, daily activity, lifestyle, planning /prep and much more.

Sign up today – message me directly via the contact page.

More New Treatments Coming Soon!

I will be attending a couple more courses before the month of November is finished and will shortly be bringing the following two BEAUTY SERVICES to my listings:

  • Acrylic Nails
  • Individual Classic Eyelash Extensions

This is on top of the Gel Polish Nails and Reflexology which I have already added to my online bookings system.

Please see the Treatments and Services page for full information on everything available at HM Health & Well-being.

Additional Treatments at HM Health & Well-being

I have now completed a course in Gel Nail Polish and will be offering this service at a discounted price for the month of November whilst I build my confidence and the colours available to chose from. Below are the colours I currently have in and a little bit of nail art I have been playing with:

November introductory offer:

Gel fingers £10 | Gel toes -£10

Later in the month I will be attending my acrylic nail extension course. I will then be adding this to the list of services.

As you can see, these treatments are quite far from the usual Sports Massage and Personal Training that I offer but at the same time I believe they offer a “me-time” service to my clients in which you can come in, take some time out and just relax, doing something which is just for you. This is great for your mental health and for the reduction of stress. I have also chosen to add in some service which offer less stress on my own body as a therapist; any one who has been in recently will have noticed my growing bump and I feel that by providing additional, slightly different services, I will be reducing the physical demand on myself during the last trimester of pregnancy.

I will be adding to the colours on offer for this service over time. If anyone has any specific requests for a certain colour please message me and I will do my best to get that colour in for you though it might take a few days.

If anyone would like to know more about any of the treatments on offer please head over to the contact page and drop me a message. I look forward to seeing you all soon!

H xx

Update on Working Hours and Maternity Leave

Hi Everyone,


Just a quick post today to give an update on the hours that I will be working over the next few months, holidays that are booked in and a bit if general info about how I plan to continue working through my pregnancy.


First, working hours:

Regular working hours: Monday and Thursday 9am-4pm | Saturday 9am-3pm | Friday & Sunday Closed.

I will aim to work on evenings, 5pm through to 8pm, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays though these may not always be available I will try to do as many as possible to accommodate everyone wanting appointments.

I have dropped my Friday evenings. I’m sorry to do this but after working a full day on a Thursday and then a full day on a Saturday the Friday night is just too much, plus if Dan has been away all week working I feel awful walking straight out the door as soon as he gets home on a Friday. I hope you all understand.

As well as the above hours in clinic, I will be limiting my working hours in terms of replying to messages for bookings etc. Bookings can be made online, all availability is shown when you go through the booking page (or via “Book Now” on my Facebook Page). Messages received after 5pm Monday-Friday, or after 3pm on a Saturday will be replied to the next working day. I will no longer be replying to messages on a Sunday unless it is an emergency. The reason for this change is in order to protect my family time, and again, I hope you all understand.


Maternity Leave.

I have had a few people asking about what I will be doing about my maternity leave and in all honesty, nothing is set in stone. I hope to continue work as usual up until Christmas when I will take my annual leave as usual – closing on Thursday 19th December until after the New Year. How my pregnancy is progressing will determine whether or not I do a couple of weeks in January, baby Pickering is due 30th Jan 2020.

The amount of time I take off will also be determined by how delivery and recovery go for us and how we settle as a family. I only had 4 months off work with Isla when I was ready to get back to it but I can’t guarantee that it will be a certain amount of time we need this time round. I will keep you updated through February/March.


Thanks for taking the time to read through all of this information and I appreciate it’s not the most exciting read! I look forward to seeing you all on the run up to Christmas for your sports, deep tissue, pregnancy, Indian head massage, cupping and reflexology treatments.


Lots of love

H xx

New Treatment Coming Soon!


Exciting times! Reflexology will be added to the HM Health & Well-being treatment menu within the next month or so!!

Reflexology is a system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that pressure applied to specific spots on the feet produces changes in corresponding parts of the body. For example, pressing on the tips of the toes triggers the brain reflex and affects the brain.

There are reflex areas on the feet that correspond to all systems of the body. Pressure applied to reflexes is thought to marshal the body’s innate healing forces and to help normalise body functions.

This is an incredibly relaxing treatment which is beneficial for all types of issues from aches and pains to sleep problems and more!