January 2021 Covid-19 Update

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and Santa has been good to you all. I just wanted to write a quick update on here to let you know that HM Health & Well-being is currently closed due to the area being moved into Tier 4. I am awaiting the announcement this afternoon before I can delivery any further information.

Outside of the clinic, as I imagine we will be for the foreseeable future, I can offer online PT or written programmes should anyone like one. I am looking at online classes though I am struggling for a place to be able to record them…

I am also doing a little side line of FM fragrances too, I hate not working and need a little something to keep me occupied. FM have products ranging from fragrance to home cleaning, and makeup to skincare. If you’d like to have a look the catalogue and the fragrance lists drop me a message via the contact page.

If there is anything I can do to help you during these often difficult times please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I am posting daily on my Facebook Page if anyone would like to follow and get involved in the conversations I would be most appreciative.

Once again, thank you for your ongoing support. I can not wait to get back to normality and to be able to look back on this with each of you and think, we got through it!

Lots of love xxx

Sports Massage at HM Health & Well-being

As some of you will know, I have been back completing a number of KIT days in the clinic offering Sports/Deep Tissue Massage. On my true return to work this is the service I will be focusing on the most.

I will be streamlining my treatments and services concentrating on providing the best possible care and attention to each of my clients. I will also be looking to improve my skills through more advanced certificates and diploma courses.

Should anyone will to make an appointment for any other services that you may have had with me previously please don’t hesitate to drop me a message to see if I can book you in – worst case scenario I will be able to refer you to someone who will be able to help you out.

Thank you for your patience over the last six months and more, I hope to see you all very soon.

I am still available to book for hours outside of those showing as available on my booking system (childcare allowing) so please email, text or Facebook me for alternative time appointments.

Covid19 Update

Following the increase of Covid19 cases and the response of the Prime Minister, I am saddened to say that I will not be offering any further KIT days until further notice.

I have made this decision for a number of reasons; the major ones being to protect YOU, my loyal clients, and also to take care of my young family and minimise risk to them.

I believe we all must do everything we can in order to limit the spread of the virus and be calm and understanding of others in this time.

Please look after yourselves and, if you are in a position to do so, check on your vulnerable friends, family and neighbours as much as you can – drop a note through their door with your mobile number offering help with collecting essentials, or even just state you’re available for a friendly phone call to fight the loneliness that the isolation is bound to cause to individuals living alone. Be good to each other.

Lots of love, H xxx

Buggy Mums

This one is a bit different…

I’m reaching out today. I want to start a mum and buggy walking group. My thoughts are:

Mondays at 9.30am (day could change depending on demand). The first few to be at the QE2 Lakeside at Woodhorn. Have a walk around the lake, or as far as you would like to go, followed by a coffee in the pub/softplay afterwards.

Just want to create a free group for new and experienced mums alike, who would like to get to know some new people and have some time with other adults during the week. Can buggy or sling with your little one(s).

I will be looking to start this from April (my daughter currently has chickenpox so just want that totally out of the way before trying to get anything going).

Please drop me a message via the contact page or on my facebook if you’re interested.

Reality Check

I’ve been feeling a bit crappy about the last couple of days; with very little sleep and eating any old thing as well as being quarantined by chickenpox (thanks isla), I bit the bullet and got on the sad step (scales) to see what was going on…

I’ve lost another 3lbs!

Now, I can only put this down to breastfeeding and expressing as I have been a lazy bitch while housebound.

My point is – it is not always how you feel. The action you take make a HUGE impact on how you feel in yourself and about yourself. Lazing around, not getting your steps in or getting fresh air in your lungs MAKES YOU FEEL SHITTY!

If I’d been out and about as normal, getting things done, going to the park etc I’m going to say I would have had no desire to even look at my weight.

So, if you’re feeling wick – DO NOT JUMP OFF THE WAGON, a binge will not help you. Instead – GET UP OFF YOUR ASS and get some fresh air.

Post partum truth.

I’ve probably done this the wrong way round as I have posted it on my Facebook page prior to writing a blog post but I want to share it anyway…

My truth around post partum body reality:

2 weeks post partum and I am 10lbs off my pre-pregnancy weight but resemble nothing like the body I had before and THAT’S OK!

It took 9 months for my body to grow and nurture Fynn into the healthy 7lbs 14oz baby he was at birth and I am fully accepting that it will take TIME and effort to get back to anything remotely like where I was before.

With this pregnancy I was unable to exercise for much of it and unable to work at the end due to SPD and sciatica. I took time out. I ate what I wanted (which I do regret a little but when those cravings take over they’re hard to ignore). And now I am waiting, not so patiently, to get back into exercise.

For anyone going through pregnancy, enjoy it. For anyone waiting for your bundle to arrive, good luck. For those who have recently had a baby, try not to be too hard on yourself. Enjoy your new addition and look after yourself, for a healthy, happy mum and baby are far more important than anything else at this stage.

I wanted to share these images of my belly straight after birth to show you what to expect if you haven’t seen – it’s not pretty, and it’s not celeb washboard abs. It is a vessel which has just produced a miracle. Don’t hate on it.

January – Day 22/31

So you had a rough day, you picked up a quick lunch without really considering what you were getting because you were rushed for time and in a bit of a stinking fettle. It’s now mid afternoon and you feel tired, lethargic, a bit sick and bloated.

You have two options:

  1. Write off the entire day and eat shite til it’s time to close your eyes, massively overshooting your calorie goal while getting zero nutrition… OR
  2. STOP! Know what happened, know why you feel the way you do and make some better choices from here out – drink water, eat veg, get some quality protein in.

Do not qualify your day as a write-off because you made a couple of not-so-great decisions.

Dust off, take a breath, regroup and get your head back in the game.

We all have little wobbles from time to time but it’s more about how we respond to the wobble rather than the wobble itself.

Merry Christmas!

To All of My Wonderful Clients,

Thank you for your custom and support over the last year, without you I wouldn’t be able to work in a job I love and can work around my family. I appreciate every single one of you and that you have chosen me as your therapist.

As I do each year, it is time for my Christmas break with my family. From today, Friday 20th December I will be enjoying some well earned down time with Dan and Isla, making lovely memories over the first Christmas that Isla is fully aware of.

This year, today also marks the end of my massage treatments for the time being – After a couple of visits with the physiotherapist she has advised that my massage treatments take a back seat over the remainder of my pregnancy. Yesterday hit the 34 week mark and I am definitely beginning to feel it more and more each day. I may open a few days in the New Year for my lighter beauty treatments – nails etc, and I have a couple of prepaid Personal Training clients I will be continuing with to complete their bookings before fully finishing for maternity leave; although this will depend on our last scan we have at the beginning of January.

I will update on here and share via the HM Health & Well-being Facebook page updates on the pregnancy, arrival of baby and dates for returning to work as I know what they are.

Thank you again for all of your understanding, patience, flexibility, ongoing support and just general lushness that each and every one of you exude. You really make my work what it is and I love it!


Lots of love and best wishes, Holly xxx


Upcoming Clinic Hours & 2020 Online Coaching


The month is filling out nicely and I only have another week at work before breaking up for Christmas! There is still availability for all treatments Monday-Thursday next week (16th-19th December) as I have additional opening hours as follows:

Monday – 9am-4pm

Tuesday – 1pm-7.30pm

Wednesday – 12pm-7.30pm

Thursday – 9.30am – 8pm

Many of the time slots have been booked so please see the online booking system for full availability and to book in your massage or beauty treatments asap (please email or message me for eye lash extensions, 48 hour patch test required).


JANUARY 2020 – Opening hours prior to maternity leave:

All being well after the Christmas break and a couple of check-ups, I will be looking to open for the following hours in January:

Monday 6th & 13th – 9am-4pm

Thursday 9th & 16th – 9am-4pm

Saturday 11th & 18th – 9am-3pm

Sunday 12th & 19th – 9am-12pm

Sports and Deep Tissue Massages will be limited to 30 minutes in length. Carrying all this extra weight and having my centre of gravity shifted means I am having to ensure I am looking after my body and baby. I hope you understand that due to the nature of the heavier massage treatments this is why I have chosen to shorten the duration for my final two weeks.

I will be opening the bookings online on 20th December for the New Year with every intention of continuing to work up to and including Sunday 19th January. Should anything change with my ability to come to work I will contact anyone who has booked in at the earliest possible notice to change/cancel appointments.



Last year some of you may remember that I put together a group to educate on weight loss and eating. It was all about you, you being able to track your food and exercise, recognise bad habits, and start to make changes to your lifestyle to improve your health. I am going to be doing the same this year:

Launching on 1st January 2020 I will be opening my HM Health & Well-being Memebers Group. Run mainly through a private Facebook Group attached to my business page it will be a paid for membership which will educate, encourage and support you on a journey to weight loss, improved fitness, improved mood, and better habits as well as a multitude of other benefits.

The group will be a community in which everyone can come together to support each other through the journey and help each other along the way. Share if you want or just sit back and take in all of the information being discussed.

The membership is not designed to be a “quick fix” to weight loss or an easy route to dropping a few pounds. It is designed to give you the education that is lacking from other weight loss and “diet” groups. I mean, how much are you really learning about what you are eating from Slimming World or Weight Watchers? Nothing! Syns and points aren’t real! Calories are and they don’t lie.

So, if you’re interested in joining a group of like minded people to start building new habits and a better relationship with food. If you’re ready to be accountable for your actions and take responsibility for what you eat, drink and do. Then you’re ready to join me on the road to a healthy, balanced life-style where you can still enjoy the foods you like, never experience the “Fear Of Missing Out”, and really start to feel in control again.

The online members group will be at a cost of just £10 for your first month. If you would like to continue in the group following on from this point it will be at a charge of £6 per month, or £60 per year. You will be provided with information on nutrition, exercise, daily activity, lifestyle, planning /prep and much more.

Sign up today – message me directly via the contact page.

More New Treatments Coming Soon!

I will be attending a couple more courses before the month of November is finished and will shortly be bringing the following two BEAUTY SERVICES to my listings:

  • Acrylic Nails
  • Individual Classic Eyelash Extensions

This is on top of the Gel Polish Nails and Reflexology which I have already added to my online bookings system.

Please see the Treatments and Services page for full information on everything available at HM Health & Well-being.