Post partum truth.

I’ve probably done this the wrong way round as I have posted it on my Facebook page prior to writing a blog post but I want to share it anyway… My truth around post partum body reality: 2 weeks post partum and I am 10lbs off my pre-pregnancy weight but resemble nothing like the bodyContinue reading “Post partum truth.”

Upcoming Clinic Hours & 2020 Online Coaching

DECEMBER 2019 The month is filling out nicely and I only have another week at work before breaking up for Christmas! There is still availability for all treatments Monday-Thursday next week (16th-19th December) as I have additional opening hours as follows: Monday – 9am-4pm Tuesday – 1pm-7.30pm Wednesday – 12pm-7.30pm Thursday – 9.30am – 8pmContinue reading “Upcoming Clinic Hours & 2020 Online Coaching”