Merry Christmas!

To All of My Wonderful Clients,

Thank you for your custom and support over the last year, without you I wouldn’t be able to work in a job I love and can work around my family. I appreciate every single one of you and that you have chosen me as your therapist.

As I do each year, it is time for my Christmas break with my family. From today, Friday 20th December I will be enjoying some well earned down time with Dan and Isla, making lovely memories over the first Christmas that Isla is fully aware of.

This year, today also marks the end of my massage treatments for the time being – After a couple of visits with the physiotherapist she has advised that my massage treatments take a back seat over the remainder of my pregnancy. Yesterday hit the 34 week mark and I am definitely beginning to feel it more and more each day. I may open a few days in the New Year for my lighter beauty treatments – nails etc, and I have a couple of prepaid Personal Training clients I will be continuing with to complete their bookings before fully finishing for maternity leave; although this will depend on our last scan we have at the beginning of January.

I will update on here and share via the HM Health & Well-being Facebook page updates on the pregnancy, arrival of baby and dates for returning to work as I know what they are.

Thank you again for all of your understanding, patience, flexibility, ongoing support and just general lushness that each and every one of you exude. You really make my work what it is and I love it!


Lots of love and best wishes, Holly xxx


Published by Holly

I’m Holly, a fitness instructor, personal trainer, massage therapist, assessor, tutor, and pre and post natal exercise specialist. Born and raised in rural Northumberland I am passionate about the outdoors, health, fitness, and general wellness. I believe it is important to look after body through exercise and nutrition, and finding “me-time” to look after your own physical and emotional well-being. Along side providing health and fitness advice, I also offer coaching and lifestyle advice; helping clients work through their stresses and reducing daily pressures through coping mechanisms which are easy to access and perform. As I come to add content to this blog, you will get to know me through everything from the food I eat, the exercise I do (and don’t do), the books I read, how I like to spend my free time (yes, free time!), and probably a lot more along the way. I’ll be sharing more information shortly but for now, I wish you a very enjoyable day!

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