January – Day 17/31

Short post – quick body weight workout you can do anywhere. 5 Minute Warm Up – 30 seconds each: walk on the spot jog on the spot bum kicks high knees right leg swings left leg swings jog on spot whilst circling arms forward jog on spot whilst circling arms backwards jog on the spotContinue reading “January – Day 17/31”

January – Day 16/31

Time for a reality check! How are you doing with the plan? Are you seeing changes? Are you making changes? Well, if you’re doing it properly, you should be and here’s the hardest fact – if you’re not then you have no one to blame but yourself. Brutal? Maybe. Necessary? Absolutely! The thing is, whenContinue reading “January – Day 16/31”

January – Day 12/31

It’s the weekend!!! What are you doing? Serious question, how do you spend your weekends? Do you have a million things to do? Do you work? Do you take time out for yourself? As well as getting fit and healthy and looking at weight loss, I think it’s important to look at ourselves as aContinue reading “January – Day 12/31”

January – Day 3/31

Let’s talk about exercise vs. daily activity and what we can do to increase calorie expenditure… First off, what is the difference between  exercise and daily activity? Exercise is any activity which requires a physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness. Daily activity are the things we normally do in dailyContinue reading “January – Day 3/31”